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Organic and zero-exploitation, all-Italian supply chain and solidarity: tomato sauces can be this way and the story of Altromercato tells us that, with its Tomato Revolution project, gives meaning to the biological, legal and transparent supply chain of tomatoes.

The purpose of the project? Operating in areas at high risk of exploitation, land and work, so much so that to be involved are small cooperatives of producers who grow and process the tomato enhancing the varieties and local food and wine traditions.

From the Tondo Roma tomatoes from the provinces of Bari and Foggia to the San Marzano Varietà of Rignano Gargnanico (Foggia), also in Puglia, from the Siccagno Tomato from the Valle del Belice to the cherry tomato from Sicily: all are hand-picked and selected and all are ripened in the warm sun of our South.

Four varieties of tomatoes in four territories freed from the profitable use of land and labor, 5 cooperatives and 30 small producers active in areas at high risk of exploitation of labor, who worked, in 2017, with fair compensation, 100 quintals of tomato and packaged 100 thousand jars of food and wine specialties.

The four new references of Tomato Revolution:

  • Passata di Puglia – Bio, dense and velvety, it is made with Roma variety tomatoes, sun-ripened and hand-selected and processed immediately to maintain an intense and harmonious flavor
  • Peeled tomatoes in sauce – Bio, San Marzano variety, also from Apulian soil, are selected and harvested only when they have reached perfect ripeness and processed fresh to preserve the consistency of the pulp of the tomato.
  • Prepared Siccagno and Finocchietto sauce, the aroma of the fennel is combined with the sweet taste of the Siccagno tomato from the Belice valley (Sicily), which grows without irrigation thanks to the particular microclimatic conditions.
  • Dry cherry tomato – Organic, also handmade, are a tasty condiment for bruschettas and appetizers

Tomatoes from the four canned Tomato Revolution tomatoes are grown under agriculture programmes with a social impact in areas at high risk of labour exploitation.

On the occasion of the celebrations for its 30th birthday, Altromercato dedicates a month to double the value of its organic products: from 8 February to 10 in the Altromercato Shops throughout Italy and in the Online Shops 30 food products certified by Organic Farming will be promoted, which can be purchased with a 20% reduction.

Among the specialties of Tomato Revolution, will be promoted the ready sauce of Sicilian siccagno tomato and Sicilian BIO fennel.

A revolution with an authentic flavour and conscious purchasing choices that are worth making!

Andrea Livengood

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