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What will be the future of organic farming in Italy and Europe? Will the prices of organic products fall? From Biofach 2015 emerged a positive image of organic, that of a growing sector that sees our country at the forefront.

Italy is in fact among the 11 countries in the world where the surface area of agricultural land dedicated to organic farming is more than 10%. Why do more and more consumers choose organic farming? The answer is very simple.

Organic farming responds to the new needs of those who prefer to make responsible purchases starting from their daily shopping. Buying organic means opting for greater respect for the planet, the environment, health and well-being. Choosing Italian organic products allows us to support the local economy, the Italian farms that have decided to grow the products that will arrive on our tables in full respect of the environment.

Now consumers expect the prices of organic products to fall, so that they can become accessible to all. In fact, over the last few years we have already witnessed a fall in prices. If we are careful, we can already find organic products on supermarket shelves that cost as much as conventional products.

Thanks to the networks of solidarity economy now very widespread in our country, starting with the G.a.s, you can buy organic and spend little, with the guarantee of having available genuine products and zero kilometers, according to the philosophy of Solidarity Purchasing Groups.

From Biofach 2015 it now emerges that the success of organic farming no longer affects only the agri-food sector but also the cosmetics sector. The Nuremberg event announced the creation of an IT platform for the electronic traceability of organic products, to protect consumers and the entire sector from fraud, which is currently a real driving force for Italian economy, against the crisis.

The worldwide turnover of organic products is 72 billion dollars, a rapid growth that in the United States is allowing more and more supermarkets to provide customers with low-cost organic products. We note that in Italy, too, several lines of organic products are emerging under the brand name of the supermarket that offers them, a choice that allows a significant reduction in prices. However, it is necessary that organic products continue to expand in shops all over Italy, with a greater variety of articles and lower prices.

In the world 43.1 million hectares of land are cultivated with organic methods – 5.6 more than in 2012. And there are a total of 2 million organic producers worldwide, a real historical record that sees India, Mexico and Uganda at the top, according to what emerges from the Ifoam data presented at Biofach 2015.

What, then, will be the future of organic farming in Italy and Europe? The forecasts are rosy. We asked for further details from the major Italian players in the sector present at the Nuremberg fair. Here is the video with our interviews.

Andrea Livengood

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