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Slimming and toning your body while having fun? This is possible thanks to the hula hoop. Here are all the benefits and the best exercises to do five minutes a day to pass the costume test without getting bored.

All the benefits of hula hoop

The hula hoop, the colorful circle of our childhood playmate, is a great ally to get back into shape while having fun.

Thanks to the exercises done with the hula hoop you can lose weight and tone your body without getting bored.

First of all, training with the hula hoop is very useful for slimming because practicing with the circle makes our body burn up to 500 Kcal per hour.

In addition to burning energy, the movements that you make to rotate the hula hoop allow you to streamline the waist, tone and sculpt the abdominals and improve the elasticity of the tissues, including the skin.

The benefits of hula hoop do not end there, because the circle can also be rotated on the hips and legs, as well as around the waist. In this way it is possible to shape and tone hips, buttocks, thighs and legs and improve the mobility of the pelvis. In addition, by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, hula hoop exercises help combat water retention, cellulite and the feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs.

Even the upper body can be trained and benefit from the constant use of hula hoop, improving the tone of arms, shoulders and neck.

Finally, training with hula hoop increases coordination in movements, improves posture and balance, oxygenates the body and benefits the heart.

Exercises to do with hula hoop

Thanks to the hula hoop you can perform warm-up and stretching exercises and trainings to shape, strengthen and tone the whole body.

If you have never used the hula hoop before, you can learn how to use the circle with numerous tutorials and start practicing it by spinning it around at the waist.

Once you have learned the right movements to keep the hula hoop moving without dropping it, using the hula hoop will become much easier and more fun and you can start practicing with the tutorials dedicated to the arms, like this one:

As for leg training with hula hoop, instead, the circle can be used as a support to perform toning exercises, or it can be rotated as you see in this video:

You can then practice complete workouts to follow five minutes a day every day:

Another example of a daily hula hop workout that involves the whole body:

Why physical activity is important for slimming

It is estimated that in order to lose a kilo of weight you must consume – or not introduce into the body – 7000 calories.

Diet alone is not enough to guarantee rapid weight loss over time. This is because it is not possible to reduce the daily calorie intake beyond a certain threshold, so as not to run into nutritional deficiencies.

Excessively restrictive diets put our health at risk, as well as weight loss, because following dietary regimens that provide for too many sacrifices quickly causes good intentions to fail. Training is therefore a way of speeding up weight loss and keeping your figure in time without having to follow too strict diets.

In addition, when you lose weight, there is a risk that your tissues will lose their elasticity and make you look toned down. On the other hand, constant and regular physical activity keeps the skin elastic and improves its appearance even after weight loss.

Hula hoop exercises are a perfect way to slim down and tone up your body in a fun way.

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