Should You Take Up Golf? Health Benefits

When you think of trying a new activity, does golf ever come to mind? Many people view this sport as a way to relax or spend a fun afternoon with friends. Meanwhile, there is a reason why golf was accepted back into the Olympic Games program in 2016. It’s not just interesting to watch and hard to play, it has numerous health benefits.

Of course, professional golf players spend much more time with a club than an average amateur player does. This doesn’t mean you can’t reap the same benefits from this game as they do.

Here are a few reasons why golf should be in the top-10 sports for you to consider today.

1. You Lead A Sedentary Lifestyle

Do you spend your days in front of a computer monitor? Or perhaps sitting in the office and holding never-ending meetings? How much time do you really have to walk around? Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of heart disease?

If you sit on a chair all day long, you need to give your body an opportunity to move around as much as possible. If you aren’t one of those people who can force themselves to run in the mornings, golf is an excellent choice for you. It doesn’t require you to be in top shape to start.

2. You Have Sleep Problems

Insomnia is partially a psychological and partially a physical problem. People who work in a stressful environment often have trouble sleeping. They believe that the reason is constant stress. In reality, part of the reason is the lack of fresh air. Have you ever noticed how much better you sleep when on vacation? It’s mostly because you spend the majority of your time outside.

Golf games give you an opportunity to stay outside for a few hours. Even if you aren’t achieving excellent results, you still have to breathe the fresh air. Golf clubs usually work hard to create a wonderful natural environment with many trees and fresh grass. That’s what the doctor ordered to get a good night sleep after a game.

3. You Struggle With Excess Weight

How many people in the world never worry about their weight? We bet you haven’t met many. Excess weight becomes a big problem for people over 40, who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It’s hard to lose it and even harder to keep it off.

It’s a common misconception that golf is a low activity sport. In reality, it can help you lose around 2,000 calories per game. If you play two times a week, you can burn 4,000 calories, which is a sure step toward a leaner and healthier body.

4. You Feel Depressed And Anxious

With all the problems people face in their lives, not many can say that they don’t ever feel anxious and depressed. When these people learn that they need to work out to stay healthy, it depresses them even more. Not many men and women enjoy working out. After all, humans are pretty lazy by nature.

As we learned from experts at, golf can improve your mood and help fight anxiety. Hours spent at a beautiful golf course, breathing fresh air, and chatting with friends can give you an energy surge you could never imagine.


Golf has numerous benefits for your mind and body. It’s fun, exciting, and never boring. It doesn’t require you to be in a top physical shape to start. Anyone can take up golf any time. Why don’t you try?


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